Meet in June, listed marble tile is stunning!

In view of the people have a soft spot for natural precious stone, how can restore natural stone texture on the tiles, is the perennial ceramics manufacturers of a difficult problem. Ceramics by groping for a long time to break through technical barriers, and carefully developed a new generation of marble tiles, perfectly restored natural stone texture will be stunning listing in late June, put on a Visual Feast from marble tile.

New featured rare natural stone marble tiles, selecting high glaze, top international production processes, restore natural stone texture, cast stone texture. Compared to traditional ceramic tiles, tiles marble surface gloss more delicate shine, brightness of a perfectly natural stone and the color is more fresh and natural, entirely comparable to natural stone.

It is understood that the upcoming marble tiles in accordance with 1:1 of natural marble into grain production, show the natural properties of marble. Ceramic tile surface should have a clear context, texture, layering, texture, transparent, the effect is natural and lifelike, natural. In addition, the launch of the "marble tile" series is the result of technological innovations of newly renovated main products, stain resistant water proof, anti-shock abrasion, cleaning care performance is superior to natural stone.

A good product will speak, always depending on the quality of life of ceramic know this, the launch of the marble tiles brings together the world's top technology, intentions to build each product, so that each piece of ceramic tile is the most perfect posture in front of consumers.

Marble and you meet in June, so stay tuned ……