5.168 billion brand value! Bohua ceramics won the 2015 China

Famous in China, brick built brilliant! On June 16, the 12th World brand Congress held at Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel Grand. Led by Nobel Prize winner of the world brand laboratory jointly issued the year 2015 (12th) of the China's 500 most valuable brands list, Bohua ceramics brand 5.168 billion dollars, once again appeared in the "China's 500 most valuable brands".

As a representative of building ceramics industry leader, Bohua ceramics with absolute strength and advantages, stand next to the industrial and commercial bank, China Mobile, China life and other well-known brands, to climb the standings 2015 "China's 500 most valuable brands"! Notable is that this is Bohua ceramics won this award two years in a row.

It is reported, is recognized as one of the three global brand valuation bodies the world brand lab, the 1999 Nobel Laureate in economics, the "father of the euro", the United States Colombia University Professor Robert · Mondale Chair dedicated to brand valuation, brand communication and management. Its effort to build the list of China's 500 most valuable brands are named in an independent and impartial for the calendar year of the original , selection, layer control, comprehensive evaluation, brands of all walks of life from China ranked the most valuable of the 500 leading brands, is arguably one of China's most authoritative brands.

In this financial analysis, consumer behavior and build brand strength analysis of Chinese brands in the squad, Bohua ceramics in an integrated brand value of 5.168 billion, one of the top brands in ceramic industry, successfully won the 2015 "China's 500 most valuable brands", once again demonstrated his remarkable brand status and influence.

Along with the honor and backbone China ceramic tile

Extraordinary 12 years, Bohua ceramics such as the rising sun, Hefei, the brand value record, has grown into China's largest and the strength of the ceramic brand businesses. At present, UBM sinoexpo has 1500 acres of modernized production base in the world, 13 specialized production lines, with an annual output of 30 million square. Products covered by tiles, glazed polished, inkjet tile, microcrystal, k-gold, antique brick, nearly thousand varieties of six categories, superior quality, are widely used in home improvement, hotels, clubs, large construction projects at home and abroad.

And for "Chinese tiles, backbone" brand development philosophy, Bohua ceramics has always been to "enable the environment more beautiful" for the mission, the pursuit of excellence, both inside and outside. Not only attaches great importance to product quality and enterprise management, and full attention to the brand and build the Terminal Services system. Deep secret agents over the years, has won the "China's ceramic industry brand", "Guangdong famous trademark", "Guangdong high-tech enterprise" hundreds of awards, renowned, renowned in China!

This time again ranked among "China's 500 most valuable brands", which is after the 2014 Bohua ceramics radiant glory trip again. Not only full of community on UBM sinoexpo brand recognition and love, while perfectly interprets as the backbone of China ceramic tile brand mission and brand stature.

Precipitation and growth of 12 years, Bohua ceramics has its brand culture connotation and deeply to the heart of every end consumer. In future, Bohua ceramics will as that is to adhere to the road of brand development, strive to make Bohua ceramics into a world-renowned international well-known ceramic brand!